7 Tips to Plan a Flawless Event

Seven Tips to Plan A Flawless EventEvent planning looks glamorous, and it can be! Planning creative events in beautiful locations can be a thrill. It's also incredibly hard work, so advance planning is a must to achieve that incredible event that leaves your guests speechless and looks amazing in all those IG Stories. Here's a few tips for how you can get it done!

1. Do your research.

The better you research your event details in advance, the fewer surprises you'll deal with along the way. Understanding every aspect of your event is a must--even you aren't doing all the work yourself, make sure you know everyone's roles and responsibilities. Keep detailed notes and share information as needed so your whole team is on the same page. 

2. Set a budget. 

And do your best to stick to it! It's a smart idea to add a small amount for those things that are out of your control, but make sure you know your budget so you won't get distracted by the endless options out there for your event. 

3. Ask for help.

Even the most experienced DIYer will need some help pulling off a great event, so spread the work around! If you have the money to hire help, go for it, but if money is tight, volunteers are a great option. Just make sure to provide food, drinks and lots of genuine thank-you's.

4. Spread the word.

Planning a wedding? Invitations are the traditional way to let your guests know what to expect on your big day (plus they are so pretty). If you're hosting a conference, a nice website or email to your attendees is standard. And if your event has fees or requires travel, as much advanced notice is always appreciated. 

5. Take care of yourself. 

You're going to work hard, so get as much rest as you can. Stay hydrated, don't forget to eat, and most importantly, wear comfortable shoes!

6. Add a special touch.

With all the big decisions you have to make for every event, it's easy to forget the little things. Take a minute to think about those special touches that will really make the experience special for everyone at your event. 

7. Celebrate!